In 2005 I travelled in Cambodja. I visited the S-21 prison in Pnom Penh. It was used as a torture center by the Red Khmers. Today it is transformed in to a museum and here you can see pictures of all the victims.

After S-21 we went to the Killing fields outside Pnom Penh. This was on of many places were people were executed.

Here you can see the pictures from S-21 and the Killing fields

After Pnom Penh we travelled in the countryside. Here you can see pictures from Bongkor Hill station, a former French outpost with a casion, a church and a hotel. In the war between Vietnam and Cambodja in 1980 this area was in the hands of the Khmers for a long time.
Also, you can see some pictures from the Mine Museum in Sieam Reap.

Here you can see the pictures from this part