The Dog Tag Story

When I was in Vietnam, I bought a dog tag for a souvenir. At that time I thought it was a fake one, cause that is what everybody told me, anyway it was a memory. When I after a couple of month visited "The Wall" in Washington DC I brought the tag with me, and showed it to a SEAL- Veteran, who I bought a book from, and he told me that it was for real. We looked together in a book with all the names in and we found "him".

His name was Kenneth Marvin Hatcher, and he was born 1951-05-14 and died in Vietnam 1971-04-19.

The "Tag"

Recently I have been contacted by the family of Kenneth Hatcher, or "Kenny" as he was called. He joined the military much because his brothers were all in the Army or Navy in WWII.

Soon I will send the "tag" to his family so it can be where it belongs.

May he Rest In Peace