Ovrage de Hackenberg

The A19 Hackenberg Fortress is one of the biggest forts of the Maginot Line. Today it is turned in to a great museum where they demonstrate everything from the canonturrets to the railway that is running inside the fortress. Below you can see some pictures from the line and if you wants to read more about the Maginot line you should click here.

The first sign that shows the way to the fort.

On top of the fort with one of the observation cupolas

Krister overlooking the scenery from the top of the

Mens entrance

The 8 ton anti-blast door

The tunnel

Left is going to the munition storage and right is going to main fort

Me and Krister is waiting for the group to continue

One of the trains

One of the galleries is turned into a weapons museum now.

The underside of the 135mm retracteble turret which is still working.

munition storage

The main power generator, also still working.

The outside of Block 9

Me on top of Block 9 with the retracteble turret behind me

Krister and the 75 mm gun howitzer in block 9

same as above

The inside of block 8 which is also the only block used in battle. It was used by the germans to shell the americans in the area.

The americans did not like beeing shelled so they silenced the guns with their 155mm guns.

The outside of block 8 and here you can see the damage

Same as above

Same as above

Entrance to block 8.

The roof of the fort