Festung Küstrin or Twierdza Kostryzyn

The City of Küstrin is located next to the river Oder. This town has a long history. It is said that Fredrich II boyfriend was excecuted in the Schloss courtyard in 1730.
Today it is a part of Poland, but until 1945 it was one of the cities located along highway 1 going to Königsberg. In 1945 most of the towns in eastern germany was turned into fortresses and so was Küstrin. Since the town was heavely fortified the Russians decided to cross the river north and south of Küstrin. But it was only a matter of time before the final battle of the town could begin. Küstrin was afterall know as the key to Berlin. The fighting was very severe and left many casualties. The only that remains today is the house foundings. Below you can see some pictures from the area.

Source: Antony Beevors book "BERLIN"

Oder, with Germany in the background

This what is left of the Schloss

The Schloss again. This photo is taken from the old square

And this is how it used to look like

The Church

Another picture at the Church

A then and now picture from one of the gates to Küstrin.

Traces from the battle

One of the streets, with the main wall in the background

The Russian memorial

One of the Russian soldier that died during the battle. Age 19, 1926-1945

And some of his comrades