The Trenchsystem Filzlaus, or Morphion and Ravin de la Poudrière
This is a area filled with trenches and dogouts. It is assumed that this was the closest the Germans came to Verdun. This area is located just south of Fleury, also know as the epicentrum of the battle of Verdun. On the way to the trenches we found an old powder house, which also was used as a hospital during the war.

The entrance to the powder house


At the end you can see daylight

Inside you can see traces from the fighting, it is bulletholes everywere.

There are many small rooms that was used as hospital and storagerooms.

Of of the dogouts

And anotheone. We found at least 10 different dogouts in this area.

The entrance to the dogout. I can tell that I had a hard time getting out from one of these. But, who is the master of the dogout?

Inside one of the dogouts

This has to be one of the soldiers.