Unfortunately I only took three pictures at Somme. I have to say that I liked Verdun better. Here it was harder to find any reminding from the war. But we were only here for a day so we really didn't got time to look any deeper into the woods.

Lochnagar crater is the largest minecrater on the western front, created on July 1, 1916 by the explosion of 60 000lbs of guncotton, still remained amid the ruins of the old German front line, other smaller craters near the village were being filled in.

Another angle

In memory of 22/130 Pte George Nugent, MIA 1 July 1916. Found at this spot 31st October 1998. Laid to rest at Ovellers Military Cemetery, 1st July 2000


This is an photograph taken from the air. Here you can see the size of the crater.