Between February and November 1916, one of the biggest battles in the First World War took place around Verdun.

This is probably the place of which I have the most pictures, so I start with these and will continue to put in new pictures as often as I can.

On the roof of Fort Vaux

Mårten on the roof of Fort Douamont

Me outside of Fort De Sartelles. This fort was very nice, as it wasn´t damaged from shelling, so we searched the entire thing.

Me on the way up from what I think is the Kronprinz Tunnel. (If I'm wrong please send me an email.) In this case we went to the other end of the tunnel and found a entrance that we went into. We went about 200 meters in until a bat seemed disturbed by our presence.

A German grenade with a couple of cartridges lying around.

Just a grenade

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